Posted by KLKN.

Two teens are in custody after they drove through a store's window this morning.

For the second time in a little more than a month, someone tried to burglarize the Express Pawn near 20th and O Streets.

A little before 4 a.m. Saturday, 18–year–old Sonya Sanchez of Kearney drove a car through the Advanced Cash store, which shares the building with the pawn shop.

The pawn store's manager Chris Dietrich said Sanchez and another person then tried to break the jewelry case to steal watches and guns.

"They actually didn't take anything," Dietrich said.  "They broke in and it took them seven minutes to get out of their vehicle, because I think they were pinned inside of it...but they finally got out and ran around the store for a minute.  Got back in and tried to get out and the vehicle was inoperable.  So, the police showed up then and they took off."

Lincoln police said their canine unit caught Sanchez and an unnamed 16–year–old shortly after.

Sanchez was arrested on charges of attempted burglary.

In September, someone drove a stolen pickup into the pawn shop.  The suspect stole thousands of dollars in jewelry.

"It's kind of getting to be old news with us," Dietrich said.  "After watching the security camera and everything, it was kind of amusing watching them run around and not know what they were doing."

LPD doesn't have a damage estimate yet, but Dietrich said he thinks it'll be between $20,000-$30,000.