Posted By: Pierce Georlett 

With High School Prom season right around the corner, teenage girls are in the market for a new dress, but sometimes those dresses come at a cost many can't afford. 

The Lincoln non-profit, the Prom Closet, dresses teens from head to toe, all for 20 dollars.

"They collect dresses from the community all dresses are typically donated in we have had some donations from local dress local dress shops in town," said Neicha Rife the Prom Closet Coordinator. 

The Prom Closet teams up with Williams Cleaners to dry clean donated gowns, making them just as new as the day they were made. 

"The fact that we are selling dresses that have been professionally cleaned," said Neicha Rife "worn once and originally purchased for sometimes over 500 dollars we are selling that dress for 20 dollars."

That $20 goes straight back to the community, providing clothing for children who need it. 

"It's an organization that provides free clothing for any child that's in the foster care system in the state of Nebraska," stated Rife. 

It's not just prom dresses, the Prom Closet also takes in other formal wear for any occasion.

"We sell it to girls going to, or anybody, needing a formal dress going to some bridesmaid dresses we have formal prom dresses people just need a formal dress for something."

Currently the Prom Closet doesn't have a location, but if you go to you can learn more about their mission.