Answering the phone while driving, we've probably all done it - but the problem of distracted driving has only gotten worse in recent years.

Channel 8 KLKN-TV spoke with Nebraska Highway Safety Administrator Fred Zwonechek who says multi–tasking behind the wheel just isn't possible, "We get pretty complacent and a lot of people think they can do it well and they can't."

The Nebraska Department of Roads and Highway Safety has conducted many studies on the dangers of distracted driving. They found in the past ten years Nebraska has averaged more than 3,600 distracted driving crashes.

"The research shows us that texting and driving you're 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash than a driver who doesn't do that," Zwonechek said.

It's not just texting behind the wheel that's the problem, anything in your car can be a distraction - navigation systems, pets, kids, even food. "The last thing you want to do is do one of those things that takes your mind or vision away from driving task and you hit and hurt somebody either very seriously or kill someone," Zwonechek said.

Texting and driving is still a secondary offense mean to get a ticket for it, you have to be pulled over for something else. The fine for distracted driving can be from $200 to $500 and you'll also get three points on your driver's license. If you injure or kill someone, you'll also be facing the potential to have your license revoked and even jail time.

So how do we combat distracted driving? It starts with being a role model. "As kids are growing up they see what their parents are doing and they're like little sponges. They'll absorb whatever they see you do."

Another way to combat distracted driving is to disable your phone while driving, new iPhone does this automatically, but there are several free apps that can do it also.