Posted By: Pierce Georlett

Future engineers from across the Midwest put their skills to the test in a robotics competition, as 35 teams of high schoolers got their robots together to compete at Southeast Community College. 

"Ultimately a bunch of teams kind of come from all over the area not even just Nebraska, all over the Midwest really and compete their robot," said Kaleb White who participated. 

The goal of the competition is simple, you need to build a robot that can pick up cones, and transport it across the field of play, but it is easier said than done. 

"Starting in early October when we finally got all the parts," said Frank Egehoff another contestant "we didn't have something working until December at our first tournament and ever since then we have been redesigning and rebuilding everything it's a work in progress."

But the amazing part is not only what these robots do, it's who makes them. 

"Students!" stated Stan Haas who is the Assistant Curriculum Specialist of the event "Totally students build it they from the ground up they actually have an engineers notebook that they log everything that they have done for this robot that they built, what was their thought process, just like an engineer."

The students get to learn what it's like to be an engineer but they also get much more than that. 

"You know this is a great competition for kids for them to get out be competitive you know it's a class room activity focus," commented Haas "and after school activity that leads into a fun culmination to compete against other schools and see how good they are."