Members of the Trinity Lutheran Church came together to put on a meal for local first responders.

"Typical of Nebraska, we walk in the door and there is just this warm friendly greeting, a very nice meal and everybody wants to sit down and just visit for a little while. It's just this overwhelming appreciation for first responders," said Lincoln Fire Chief Micheal Despain.

This is the first time the church has hosted its Trinity Loves First Responders Dinner.

Church member Jane Bedient brought the idea to her congregation a few weeks ago.

She wanted to make Lincoln's first responders feel appreciated.

"It's just our way to say thank you to the people who work very hard every day to keep us safe and serve us," said Bedient.

And it took every member to thank them, from the children who made place mats with the words "heroes don't always wear capes" to the parents of local girl scouts who donated 350 cupcakes for the night.

"They have served our country so much, it's a good thing to do for them. It's really fun, it makes us feel good about ourselves just to know that we're helping out someone that helps other people," said Haylie Chapman, a girl scout in the seventh grade.

Trinity Lutheran also delivered 87 meals to workers in the 911 dispatch, Lancaster County Sheriffs Office and the Lincoln Police Department who had to work tonight.

The gesture did not go unnoticed.

"It just makes you want to do a better job in your first responder role and give back to the community. It's just kind of this symbiotic relationship that goes back and forth... It's great for relationship building and honestly just a very heartfelt thankful for what they did," said Lincoln Fire Chief Micheal Despain.

Members of the church expressed a desire to make this a yearly tradition moving forward.