Self–care is one of the internets hottest trends, but for those living with mental illnesses it's something they take very seriously.

        "I myself have lived with depression," said Melissa Lemmer of the Mental Health Association of Nebraska. 

        Depression is a mental health disorder that causes changes in mood, loss of interest in activities, feeling hopeless, and ultimately impacting daily life.

        The Center for Disease Control released a new study that says more than 8% of adults over the age of twenty had suffered from the disease, that's a number that hasn't changed in the past ten years.

        Depression affects every part of a persons life.

        "People's ability to live out their daily lives. It affects people in different ways some people it affects their sleep it affects their job," said Lemmer.

        According to the CDC almost 80% of adults with depression reported difficulty with daily tasks, like going to work or sleeping.

        The Mental Health Association of Nebraska offers support to those suffering from depression and other mental health problems.

        For Lemmer finding the group was life changing, "I remember the first time I took W.R.A.P. which stands for wellness recovery action plan it  was a life changing thing for me and one of the facilitators told me she would hold hope for me until I found it for myself."

        W.R.A.P. Is program offered by MHA that focuses on identifying triggers and looking for early warning signs of mental illness, then creating a plan of action.

        MHA offers wrap classes in schools, in the community, and in prisons all with the hope of lessening the stigma associated with mental illness.

        Lemmer now works for the group helping others like herself and it's given her a new sense of hope, "Just working here has given me a sense of purpose and giving back is something that has helped me a lot in my recovery."

        MHA Hopes that by educating people and providing support, rates of depression and other mental illnesses will decline.