Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

Saturday night, just before midnight Lincoln Police Department received several calls from the area of 80th and Old Cheney Rd., reporting a loud party. 

At officer went to check it out, Officer Angela Sands, with the Lincoln Police Dept. says the officer found a home with 150-200 people inside and around it. 

Including a 17-year-old standing outside the house with alcohol. He tried to run away.
"The officer gave him verbal commands but the man tried to flee. The officer grabbed the man's shoulders and they went to the ground he began elbowing and striking the officer in the face multiple times," Sands said. 

The officer was eventually able to kick the suspect off, he ran away again. The officer had injuries to his arm and face. 

At the same time, more officers were arriving to the area when a car drove up and appeared to be picking somebody up. Officer Sands said an officer thought it could be suspect, so they told the driver to stop. The driver accelerated and then hit a tree.
"The officer again approached the driver and told him to stop. One officer was in front of the vehicle as it began to accelerate away the officer had to dive out of the way to avoid being struck," Sands said. 
The driver was arrested, and so was the teen who assaulted the officer. The teen who hosted the party also got ticketed for maintaining a disorderly house and being a minor in possession.

Police said she threw the party while her parents were out of town.
"This is pretty excessive," Sands said. "Normally when officers do respond to calls of loud parties, we usually will give warnings first, like you need to keep it quiet, we give warnings, but this was a wild party that had gotten out of control."
Police are now looking into how the teens got the alcohol in the first place.
Neighbors in the area talked about the number of teenagers that were in the area before and after police arrived, and said there were at least eight police cruisers on scene for hours after the initial reports.


By: Channel 8 Eyewitness Newsroom

A Lincoln Police Officer was assaulted while breaking up a party with minors drinking. It happened Saturday night just before midnight near 80th Street and Old Cheney Road. 

Officers responded to multiple calls of a loud party. When they got to the house, a 17 year old male tried to flee, an officer grabbed the male's shoulder and they fell to the ground. The male began elbowing and struck the officer. The officer was eventually able to kick the male off of him. 

Then the male ran, officers were able to find the suspect at home. He was arrested for assault on a police officer.

The officer had injuries to his arm, right eye, mouth and jaw.