This is not your average dance class. There are no tutus or costumes here and the students are older than typical dancers, but they're dancing to fight back against a disease.

"Everything that professionals dancers train to do seem to address specific things that people with Parkinson's disease deal with," said Ruth Davidson Hahn.

Davidson Hahn runs Dance For Parkinson's, it's a weekly class for people who suffer from the disease and their spouses or caregivers.

The program is offered at dance studios around the world.

Davidson Hahn became certified in the class and brought it to the Nebraska Ballet Theater and School in Lincoln four years ago.

The class uses techniques of dance to address specific needs of Parkinson's patients.

"Balance, coordination, rhythm, flexibility, strength, intent, even aesthetic awareness," said Davidson Hahn.

James Carr is a regular attender of the class and has seen a marked improvement in his Parkinson's since he started attending, but for him it's about the community the class offers.

"Doing the movements and visiting with friends who suffer from the same disease," Carr said.

Davidson Hahn hopes the class gives those with Parkinson's confidence and tools to fight back against the diseases progression and most importantly joy, "I hope they learn to dance their way through life."

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