State Senators Declare Developmental Disabilities Month in Nebraska


Posted By: Pierce Georlett

Today the Nebraska State Senators were visited by a group of Nebraskans to help celebrate Developmental Disabilities month.

"It's a good day it's a really good day," proclaimed Sen. Lynn Walz of Fremont

On Thursday a special proclamation was declared by the Nebraska unicameral.

"The state of Nebraska supports and proclaims March 2018 as developmental disabilities awareness month," said Sen. Sue Crawford of Bellevue

The declaration is to raise awareness to all of the great people who help others with developmental disability issues.

"So we have individuals with disabilities. We have family member we have service providers and state senators here celebrating the month, and celebrating contribution of people disabilities in our communities," says Sen. Kate Bolz of Lincoln. 

"There are wonderful people standing behind me and in that chamber working together to make sure that we will have the best opportunities for you," declared Sen. Walz. 

Then after all of the meetings, and the press conference everybody got to meet their own State Senator and give them cupcakes.

"We meet the senators," said Matt Morrison "and I met with Senator Sara Howard today. My favorite part today was meeting different senators."

That kind gesture, and the visit meant the world to these senators

"It's so much fun to see the people who are impacted by the policy change we make in this body it's wonderful to see their success," commented Sen. Bolz and it's always good to be reminded that our public service is for our friends and neighbors."

Each senator got to visit an advocate from their district, and each senator got to share cupcakes with someone who's living with  developmental disabilities in their district

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