The Green Light Lincoln program aimed at reducing traffic congestion still has several more phases.  But Mayor Chris Beutler said traffic flow in Lincoln has already improved.

"Our results show that for every dollar that we invest in Green Light Lincoln, the benefits will be $19 over a five year period," Beutler said Thursday.

The mayor's traffic engineering team said during the first phase of the program, they've completed signal retiming and equipment upgrades at more than 120 intersections.  With that, they said you've seen fewer delays, decreased fuel emissions and improved safety at intersections.

"We talked about reducing stops and reducing delays at signalized intersections, which traditionally are our most...crash prone locations," said Assistant Director of Transportation Lonnie Burklund.  "So this project is great for the reduction in fuels, costs."

The city said it's now beginning the second phase of this initiative, which will focus on 12 more corridors and more than 140 intersections.

You can watch a video showing what it was like to drive on O Street during peak traffic time before and after the upgrades by visiting: