Posted By: Pierce Georlett

Jessica McClure, announced she's running against representative Jeff Fortenberry to represent Nebraska in US congress.

The candidates for the 2018 election have all been filed, and among them, is Democrat, and Lincoln native Jessica McClure, a former chemist turned lawyer who is running for the first district seat in US congress.

McClure's main platform for her campaign is healthcare.

"Make sure that we have universal coverage for health insurance for Nebraskans away for everybody to buy affordable health insurance," said McClure. 

She also weighed in on the national gun debate, McClure disagrees with president trump's proposal to arm teachers as she said “we aren’t going to arm teachers that is the worst idea I have ever heard.”

She wants to see guns more strictly regulated by the government.

"We need right assessment that needs to be funded better through our federal government so that if there is a problem stop it before I happens and," added McClure "we also need to keep the manufactures liable for these dangerous products they are making and then selling to people to in our state."

She says she thinks she's the right person to represent Nebraska, and she says its time Nebraska has a female representative that hasn't happened since Virginia Smith held the Third District Seat from 1975 to 1991.

"Women weren't being listened to in our government right now, so guess how many women have held a seat in the first congressional district since it was started none. Not a single one," stated McClure. 

Nebraska's primary election is May 15th.

To find out more information about all of the First District Representatives go to the websites.

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