In December Hung Luu was in a car accident that left him in a coma for a month.

        Now he's getting ready to leave the rehabilitation facility and return to his normal life.

        Giving people manicures is what hung luu loves to do.

        He regularly paints nails for staff and volunteers at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals Lincoln campus, however this isn't his usual clientele.

        Hung owns his own salon in Watford, North Dakota, but on December 5 his entire life changed, "My head to hit the windshield or something to cause these lines here."

        Hung was involved in a serious car accident and had to be life flighted to a hospital in Fargo, "I don't remember anything the first month that I was in a coma, which even the three doctors that told my parents I wouldn't be normal when I recover."

        Hung had to have a trach tube put in while he was in a coma to help him breath.

        After spending several weeks in the intensive care unit hung regained consciousness, but he faced several challenges on his road to recovery.

        Determined to get back to his salon hung found Madonna in Lincoln and arrived on February 19.

        "The cognitive piece is what we've been focusing on a lot. Looking at problem solving, those executive functioning skills that we use every day," said occupational therapist Jessica Virgil.

        While physically hung was doing well, he struggled to remember things, which is not uncommon after suffering a brain injury.

        He participates in several forms of therapy that work on hand eye coordination and visual reaction time.

        Hung got involved in Madonna's work re–entry program in their salon and therapists have seen him flourish.

        "It's been good to see him get back in his element because you can tell he has a strong love for it," said Virgil.

        Hung has done so well he will be discharged March 8th, but he has a renewed appreciation for life, "This recovery is more like a second life so this part of my life is a second life. I have to do even more great things than I did in the previous life."