Looking for a different way to sweat it out?

        Lincoln's newest fitness studio OrangeTheory Fitness just opened its doors and promises to give you the best one hour workout in the country.

        "OrangeTheory Fitness is a one hour full body workout in that hour we focus on training endurance strength and or power and we do that through heart rate based interval training," said OrangeTheory Fitness studio manager Cassie Hedlund.

        So how does it work? You'll get fitted with a heart rate monitor which displays your results in real time in class.

        The goal being to get into the orange zone. It's one of five heart rate zones, but the class targets it for a specific reason.

        "It's 84% or greater 84%–91% of your max heart rate and so 12 minutes or more in that orange zone is going to create that afterburn effect so burning calories up to 36 hours post workout," said Hedlund.

        Afterburn is based on the science of excess post–exercise oxygen, which says maintaining a targeted heart rate, known as the orange or red zone in class, stimulates your metabolism and increases energy.

        It allows your body to continue burning calories even after your workout has ended.

        How do you get into the orange zone then? By pushing yourself in class, which is divided up into sections.

        "We have our treadmills which are an awesome top of the line piece of equipment, we have our water rowers which are incredible and we also have our strength floor which includes a couple different things TRX straps, bosus, ab dollies, free weights, just a little bit of everything," Hedlund said.

        You'll run or power walk on the treadmill for about half an hour and then work on strength training for the same amount of time.

        While the class is not meant to be competitive seeing my heart rate displayed made me push myself harder and it had the same effect on those around me.

        "People are constantly pushing each other helping each other get better," said Hedlund.

        If you want to try OrangeTheory Fitness your first class is free. You can check out their class schedule online here.