Posted By: Rachael Miner

Dozens of Lincoln kids got their first taste of a doctor's visit Saturday, but they weren't the ones getting a check up.

The event was part of CHI Health's teddy bear clinic, held at the Lincoln Children's Museum.

The kids picked a stuffed animal and got to see what happens when they go to the doctor.

"They get to take the teddy bear through the clinic with our doctors and our RN's here and they get a checkup on the teddy bear. It gets them a little more familiarized with the doctor and what happens when you go there," said Brinn Williams a volunteer for the event.

Stations were set up so kids could see different procedure and tests.

"You go over to the doctor and they check weight and height on the bear and on your child and then you go over the lab and x–ray and you get to take an x–ray of the bear and at lab they get to kind of test out what its like to have a blood draw just by putting the bandage on not by doing anything like that," Williams said.

Cayden's favorite part was learning what each tool the doctor had was used for, "My favorite is that I got to check his sounded good and hazy."

By allowing kids to use the tools doctors have and see how procedures are done first hand, chi health hopes to relieve some first visit fears.

For Rori Scheele, it not only made her feel safer, but also excited for her first real trip to the doctor, "My teddy was brave and so should I."