UPDATE:  The suspect has been found thanks to the help of the public 

Lincoln Police say the suspect is a 17 year-old who attempted to steal the cat on a dare. 

She was cited with attempted larceny and theft.

Her case had been referred to the County Attorney.


Samuel Evertson didn't think much of it when he let his eight year-old cat, Mo, out on the porch Wednesday evening at his home near 52nd and Holdrege. 

But what he captured on his home security camera now has him thinking differently. 

The footage shows Mo laying on the deck when a young woman walks up looking like she wants to pet him.

Instead, she grabs the cat, then runs to the street where a green get-away car is waiting.

"He'd probably been laying there about 15 minute or so when they tried to take him," Evertson said. 

Key word - tried. 

Mo didn't want to go, and managed to spring loose from the woman's arms and dash back to the porch. 

Evertson says he was inside with his wife when it happened. 

He got an alert on his phone, which is synced to his security camera - installed just two months ago.

"I didn't hear a thing until my phone went off and told me it spotted someone on my deck," Evertson said. 

At first, Evertson says he thought the whole thing was a prank. 

He says his friends like to come up on his deck to cause the alert to go off on his phone. 

"I thought it was them again," he said. "And then my wife got home and I showed her and she said, 'That's not our friends.' I watched it again and said, 'That's not our friends,' and started looking into it."

Evertson says he doesn't know why someone would try and take his cat, but says he's relieved they didn't succeed. 

"I'm happy he knew something was wrong," he said. "He's an indoor cat so he doesn't have his front claws, so I was happy he found a way to get out of that."

Evertson filed a report with Lincoln Police. 

He says he was told that, because the woman didn't actually get away with Mo, there's not much they can do except question her if they find her. 

He says at least two of his neighbors have told him their cats are missing, with one of them claiming to have seen the same green car shortly before.