A Lincoln boy is seeing the world in a whole new way thanks to a special gift from his classmates. 

Thomas Watt is a 6th grader at Lincoln Lutheran and has been color blind his entire life, only able to see grey and a few shades of yellow. 

His friends decided they wanted him to be able to see the world the same way they do, so they raised $400 and purchased Watt a pair of glasses that allow him to see colors. 

"He just deserves to see color," said Watt's classmate, Oliver Kollipara. 

The kids raised the money in about two weeks, which came as no surprise to their teacher, Sean Wieting. 

"We talk a lot about loving with actions and in truth and not just in word," Wieting said. "The kids did exactly that." 

The glasses arrived Wednesday, and Watt says he could barely resist trying them on before taking them to school for all his friends to see. 

"I almost put them on in the middle of the night," Watt said. "But I knew that was the wrong thing to do, because I knew that they wanted to see me put them on." 

His friends wasted no time in testing them out, quizzing Watt about the colors of their clothes and shoes. 

Wieting says seeing Watt's reaction to seeing the world in color for the first time made everything worth it. 

"I can't even describe it," he said. "How do you imagine not being able to see color and seeing it for the first time? His expression - he looked at the sky for quite a while and was just in awe."