Posted By: Rachael Miner

Opinion of JPA has been divided since it was first announced.

Now the backlash has city council and Lincoln Public Schools rethinking their plans.

"I'm in favor of school security, in favor of community learning centers, I am not in favor of the JPA," said John Zvolanek, an LPS parent.

JPA originally called for the addition of six school resource officers along with mental health resources, and after school programs.

However, after several public forums JPA's ability to levy taxes did not sit well with the public.

"I think they need to look at where they're currently spending their money. They had an 18 million dollar windfall just LPS did last year. They've come into new money by state aid this year. They have resources available that they can pay for this two million dollar project if they chose to," said Jessica Shelburn, an LPS parent.

City council and LPS are now moving away from JPA and looking to create an interlocal agreement.

It would still include support for the additional officers and other services, but it would not have the same ability to levy taxes.

The revised proposal will be discussed at tomorrow's city council meeting.

If approved the school board would vote on it later this month.