On Thursday, CHI Health donated $33,000 worth of curriculum to all 12 LPS middle schools.

The curriculum, called Second Step, focuses on violence prevention.  LPS Superintendent Dr. Steve Joel said it helps kids come to terms with what violence is and how to prevent it.

"About collaborative relationships, it's about behavior and it's about really students gaining an understanding of their environment and their behavior and the behavior of others," Dr. Joel said.

Because not all students learn the same way, second step uses art to teach children how to avoid violence and receive positive reinforcement.  It also partially focuses on preventing bullying.

Dr. Joel said schools can't tackle tasks like these alone and partnerships, like with CHI Health, help them to achieve their goals.

"We're all about trying to build better people," he said.  "That's what schools do and...this partnership is an opportunity for us to take it one step or, I should say, second step closer to that."

For their part, CHI Health said they're happy to help give kids a chance to have a healthy lifestyle.

"It's a common thing that we all feel good about," said CHI Health President Derek Vance.  "When you look around the world today and 'where can we make a difference?' it's in the personal lives of these kids."

Vance said not all kids grow up with the same opportunities and advantages as others do and that this helps level the playing field at helping them create positive and safe environments.