Lincoln Electric System (LES) is going green and giving back to the community!

It's all thanks to their paperless billing initiative which began in July of 2017.

LES says over 14,000  customers have switched to paperless billing so far.

As part of the initiative, the company pledged to put its first year of savings toward community additions like solar powered charging stations.

Going paperless saves LES about 8 dollars per person each year.

That may not sound significant, but the business has reported over $100,000 in savings as a result.

Going green is helping LES be more environmentally friendly, keeping costs low, reducing waste and even simplifying bill payments.

"We are providing convenience to the customers, they can get an email notice, they can get to their bills, the bills can be archived on our system and it works really well for saving effort and storage space," said CEO of LES Kevin Wailes.

The company will be donating $7,500 toward Lincoln's '2 For Trees' program.

60 trees will be planted across the city in four separate quadrants.

Over $45,000 is being used to purchase four mobile solar charging stations as well as two solar charging benches.

Three have been installed so far, one at Haymarket Park and two more at Holmes Lake.

"We've never done these before but we just think it's a good thing to try and see how they work. We may determine that we need larger capacity batteries or something. We will just have to see what experience we have after deployment," said Wailes.

LES and Lincoln Parks and Rec are still working to decide where the others will be placed.

The charging stations are compatible with both Apple and Android devices.