On Wednesday, Lincolnites attended an open house where they got to share their thoughts on what the new Downtown Master Plan should include.

Some of the hot topics included housing, businesses and transportation.

"I wanted to see what was the plan for the future and I wanted to kind of see if any of my ideas were worth hearing," said Anna Brodersen.

Brodersen said she lives downtown and would like to see street cars in the Haymarket and O Street area, so people could ride them between venues.

"When you're trying to run around downtown, you don't really want to jump on a city bus," she said.  "It just doesn't quite feel as nice and so I think a streetcar would be like a cool...aesthetic thing to do."

That's the kind of input Denver–based consulting firm PUMA wants to hear.

"We're about halfway through our nine-month process and basically...still in the input and analysis phase of the project."

The first open house was held in April.  PUMA took some of the ideas from the public at that forum and used them to make maps and drawings.

"They'll be able to provide input on concrete ideas...redevelopment, showing on street improvements for pedestrians and bicycles."

Loren Warren said he lives downtown and gets around on his bike.  He attended the open house to to talk about bike routes.

"I'm huge on putting a motion to get the Jamaica Trail from 4th and J up to the Arena Drive and N Street," Warren said.  "Get some kind of a connection there because that connects almost 140 miles of bike trails."

PUMA said after Wednesday night, they'll go back to Denver to begin working toward a draft master plan in the fall.

If you weren't able to attend the open house Wednesday, you can also give your input by taking an online survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/downtownlincoln