An evening honoring some of our communities finest.
"Firefighters, teachers, police officers, nurses, first responders, military personnel. We want to thank everybody for really being the core of this community, like I said, out first responders, the heroes of the community, who are the core and the heart of the community," says Chase Kelly, McAlister's Deli.
McAlister's Deli located near 48th and Vine streets opened its doors to the area's first responders, giving them a free meal to show appreciation for all they do.
"We've got a line around the store. I haven't sat down; I haven't stopped moving. It's insane," says Jaxson Kaplan, McAlister's Deli team member. 
Everyone who came, was very appreciative of the gesture.
"I think it makes everybody feel appreciated. It's just the little things, the little things in our community; this is why I love Lincoln. I love the community; it's just the little things that are important to all of us," says Luis Quiroz, first responder.
"I just feel like it's a big 'thank you' for what we do, because a lot of times our job is a thankless job. What we know as a 'thank you' is like the way people feel after we're done taking care of them, so it's kind of a nice way to give back," says Rose Sis, first responder.
I asked the same question to all the first responders I talked to: why did you chose this profession?
"I like serving people. I've been in social services prior to this. I love serving people and it's in my nature just to help people out and yeah, that's how I started," says Quiroz.
"I wanted to help people. I couldn't imagine doing anything other than helping people," says Sis.