Aaron Bush and Christian Calvert were cleaning out their work trucks Saturday when they heard the yelling. 

"I hear a guy yelling, 'Help, help, stop him,'" said Bush. "And I see a large gentleman running through the parking lot behind the shop." 

The "large gentleman" was 28 year-old Quin Howell, who Lincoln Police say entered the Diamond Master Jewelers jewelry shop near 48th and Adams, and asked an employee to see a ring. 

Police say when the employee brought out a case of rings, Howell grabbed it and ran off. 

LPD says he took 18 rings with a total value of just under $80,000. 

But Howell's getaway route took him right past Bush and Calvert, who work at the DISH Network store next to the jewelry shop. 

The two men jumped into action. 

"I looked at Christian and said, 'Hey, let's go,'" Bush said. 

Bush called 911, while Calvert put his knee into Howell's back, pinning him to the ground until Lincoln police arrived and arrested him. 

With more than 15 years combined military experience, the men say their reaction was just instinct and that they weren't scared for a second. 

"It's what we're trained for," Calvert said. 

Now the men say their friends think they should turn in their work hats and polo shirts for capes. 

"We've gotten Batman comments, 21 Jump Street comments," Calvert said. "I just got a Captain America comment from a buddy of mine."