Northstar High School held a graduation ceremony Wednesday night - but it wasn't for students. 

It was for the 21 men and women who make up the newest batch of Lincoln police officers. 

The recruits spent 22 weeks training, which graduate David Toft says was well worth it. 

"I've learned more in these last 22 weeks and had more fun than I have in my whole life," Toft said. "So it's been a great experience." 

Hundreds of friends and family members packed the school auditorium, cheering as the recruits made their entrance. 

"This is a chance for them to get together with those who have provided them support throughout their lifetime, and will continue to support them in their new career and this new challenge in their life," said Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister. "We're really, really excited for them to come serve the citizens of Lincoln." 

The training covered everything from ethics and how to handle DUI cases and car accidents, to firearms training and how to use a taser. 

For graduate Andrew Peterson, the hard work paid off - as he and his friends can now leave behind the title of recruit, and take on the badge of an officer. 

"It's just what I always wanted to do," Peterson said. "Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a police officer when I grew up."