We have good news for people trying to beat the heat. There's a new spray park located at the Platte River State Park, near Louisville. The doors just opened and it's already a popular attraction.

Jessica Richardson and her family are some of the dozens of people already making good use of this newly built two level spray park at Platte River State Park.

"I have two kids," says Richardson. "It's a great splash pad, great little area. The kids can run around, it's safe."

A couple of months ago this area was a run down swimming pool, but now there are several slides, a waterfall, and water even comes out of the ground spraying people from all directions. Everyone out here today has their favorite attraction.

"I'm having so much fun by squirting people with the water guns," says Hudson Johns. 

"I like to go on the slides," says Slade Richardson.

Hudson and Slade aren't the only ones having fun, even adults like to play in the water.

"It's a great little get away when it's really hot, to cool off," says Jessica Richardson.

This spray park is open every day during the heat of the day, from noon to 6 p–m. It cost just $3 to attend.

"Fun little place for the kids to come," says Michael Cook. "It's not too expensive so we'll probably come back at least a handful of times more this summer."

This spray park is one of several new additions to our state parks. The kids here say if you don't visit, you're missing out.

"Everyone should come here and have fun," says Slade Richardson.

For more information about this spray park and the changes taking place at other state parks in our area visit: www.OutdoorNebraska.org