Posted By: Pierce Georlett

"It was a little frustrating sitting in traffic waiting because like 27th going down that way is just so backed up right now so yea it will be nice when it's over with. I feel like it just keeps going on and on and on," said Leah Elliot. 
Just like Leah Elliot, Lincoln residents are getting a little tired of having to deal with all of the construction that is going on in the Capital City.
"Well it's suppose to help improve things and it's a little inconvenient at the moment so just hope to get it done as soon as possible," said Lincoln Resident Brandon Nisley. 
Some people like Abbie Rhodes who don't necessarily drive around Lincoln, but actually walks says that the problems with construction affects more than just those who drive.
"Well I'm more on foot all the time and a lot of like sidewalks are closed and that's a pain because then you have to walk further which takes a lot more time so it adds a lot more on foot, and it's just a pain in the butt," said Rhodes. 
For the City of Lincoln all of this road work is fairly normal.
"This would be pretty much typical for construction season to have about this much work going on," commented Thomas Schafer the Project Delivery Manger for the city of Lincoln. "You know that our best construction season the temperatures are right for asphalt concrete in the winter months we really can't do that because of the colder temperatures and with school we try to do as much as we can when schools not in session so this is a very busy time for construction," added Schafer.