Some folks in Lincoln have been complaining about plant and weed growth along Cornhusker Highway.

They say the center medians on Corhusker from I–80 West to NW 12th St. are becoming overgrown with weeds--some that are several feet tall.

Business owners and residents in the area say they're not just concerned about those weeds spreading to their property, but that their height makes them a safety hazard.

"The bushes and the shrubs grow up," said Tim Wiese, who lives in the area.  "And if you're taking a left turn across four lanes of traffic, a lot of times you can't see the oncoming traffic."

The city says they contract maintenance to take care of the upkeep on city medians, but found out in late May that a contractor wouldn't be able to do the work.

They say they have a small crew currently working on the medians and are hoping to hire more next week so they can finish the job before July 4th.