Posted By: Pierce Georlett

Mercy City Church hosted Dadsfest at Dawes Middle School.

Where families had a fun afternoon with their dads.
"Families are gather out here after church we've got a couple of location of a few different services so the idea is to get everybody to come together after church, but not just for church people but for the community as a well," said Senior Pastor Matt Erikson. 
For these dads like Marcus Plouzek, a father of two, Father's day is a time to reflect on how great life is.
"Today it's all about just realizing you know you got these beautiful children and that's what you live for and that's why you wake up that's why do what you do. It's just the best," said Plouzek. 
All of the families here in attendance played fun games all day long at Dawes Middle School.

To Daniel Anderson, spending time with his kids is something he doesn't take for granted.
"There is nothing more special then being a father," said Anderson "especially in my mind I grew up without a dad in my life so if I can be an example to those kids, my kids, anybodies kids really and be a good father example that's really what it means to me."
But for Brock Blankenship just being a father figure is what father's day is truly about.
"I don't need the recognition because there are so many people out there who act as father who aren't a father as well so I would say as well let's honor anybody who is a mentor as someone who is a role model," says Blankenship. 
Mercy City Church wants to thank all of the father figures here in Lincoln, and wish them a Happy Fathers Day.