Posted By: Pierce Georlett

Today, the group Insure the Good Life officially gained enough petition signatures to get expansion of health care on the Nebraska ballot in November.

What you see is three months of campaigning, and gathering signatures of Nebraskans from Scottsbluff to Omaha to get the expansion of medicaid in Nebraska on the November ballot.

Organizers say it would bring healthcare to 90,000 Nebraskans.

"We've had people from all walks of life work together to qualify this ballot measure. Small business owners faith leaders home owners teachers and farmers who are from every political party united behind the common cause of bringing affordable life saving health care," says Meg Mandy the Campaign Manger for Insure the Good Life.

Currently in the Affordable Care Act it states, if a state expands it's Medicaid program.

90% of the expansion will be paid for by the federal government, and the other 10% be paid for by the state.

Governor Ricketts says these federal tax dollars that could pay for an expansion still comes from Nebraskans.

"Right but that federal money comes from us. It's not free money. It comes from us. That's our tax dollars," said Gov. Pete Ricketts. 

Since the affordable care act has been in place 33 states have expanded their healthcare including Iowa.

Opponents to the idea of expanding Medicaid in Nebraska say building on Obamacare could be dangerous because of a possible reform in congress.

"This is one of the things that we know. Obamacare is an utter failure we've seen everything that was promised has not been delivered we've seen premiums increased deductibles increase and that's why we've got to reform it at the federal level with regard to health care," says Gov. Pete Ricketts. 

But for the group, Insure the Good Life they see this as a long lasting solution to the nations health care system.

"There's been multiple attempts to repeal the affordable care act and Medicaid expansion none of them have been successful in congress we don't anticipate any will in the future," added Sen. Adam Morfeld from Lincoln

Now if in the general election they approve of an expansion of medicaid here in Nebraska it would take a super majority vote in the Nebraska legislature next session to repeal it.