Some dogs invaded the UNL campus this afternoon for a fun day in the sun.

"So I wanted to kick off this new lab with a big event so we have dog fest. Where we can bring folks together on campus to here their dogs with them if they like, participate in some dog activities," Dr. Jeff Stevens. 

The Husker Dog Fest had some dogs doing some really cool tricks, and showing off their Frisbee skills.
This event was for all dogs to come out have fun and explore the new lab which is coming to UNL in the fall.

"The lab is to understand dog physiology so I want know why dogs do what they do. What kind of cognitive ability do they have how smart are they? That what I really want to understand and I also want to understand how they interact with humans," added Dr. Stevens. 

If you would like for your dog to participate you can go to dogcog.unl.edu