Posted By: Rachael Miner

Runners got down and very dirty all in the name of fun.

Over a thousand runners participated in the annual Nebraska Mud Run Saturday morning at the Lancaster Event Center.

The course featured multiple obstacles and of course lots of mud.

"You don't usually get to get muddy, you get in trouble for that but here at the mud run it's encouraged," said Dave Mlnarki, the executive director of Nebraska Sports Council. 

This is the 12th year the Nebraska Sports Council has hosted the mud run.

Runners compete in a one or three mile race, both feature a fan favorite- a giant slip and slide.

"I was kind of scared about going down the slide into the mud pit but I didn't realize they put shampoo in the mud so it wasn't actually that bad," said Ben Lynch, a runner in the one mile race. 

"They added soap which made it even more interesting this year, you go a little faster," said Doug Lynch, a runner in the one mile race. 

Up next: crawling through a series of tubes, battling through muddy trenches, and climbing over massive tires.

"You expecting to lose your shoe at any moment, so you're just getting covered in mud and hoping to keep your shoes on and get through it," said Lynch.

Shoes on or not the first place everyone went after crossing the finish rinse off.

Even taking some mud home won't stop these runners from coming back again next year.