Today near the stadium one politician had a tailgate to promote their movement.

"Well there's a lot of fun happening down here today it's a Husker football game and I'm going around talking to people about this upcoming election to let them know what I want to do as a candidate for public service commission," said event organizer, Christa Yoakum.

Yoakum is running for Public Service Commission and was handing out foam fingers.

It was to promote Nebraskan voters to try and stop having the Keystone XL pipeline from coming through Nebraska.

"This is really cool there's been more than a dozen people that are out here talking to other voters there were people that drove in from outside of my district, drove in from Omaha to help out today this is important to a lot of Nebraskans," said Yoakum.

in the last keystone x–l pipeline vote, it ended 3 to 2 in favor of the pipeline being built.