The University of Nebraska said in a news release that its students, staff and faculty have "positive views" about the climate of the system's campuses, based off the results of a survey conducted earlier this year. 

The survey was conducted by Gallup. 

The release said responses given to Gallup indicated that NU "compared well in the national landscape" of colleges across the country dealing with issues related to free speech and inclusiveness. 

“The purpose of any university is to create spaces where different people and different ideas collide. We want all members of the University of Nebraska community to have a rich educational experience where they’re challenged to stretch and broaden their thinking,” NU President Bounds said.

Bounds said the report provides important information that campus leaders can use to better interact with students, faculty and staff. 

He said next steps will be developed and implemented by the students, faculty and staff of each individual campus.

The release said such steps may include focus groups and discussions among other efforts. 

NU says more than 4,000 students, 1,800 faculty, 3,600 staff and 2,800 alumni completed the online survey. 

Most students classified the racial climate among students as being "good" or "excellent," however black students were less likely to rate the climate that highly. 

Nearly all students who lived in residence halls reported feeling  safe living there. 

Gallup’s executive summary and full report are both available online.