Preventing gun violence continues to be one of the hottest topics.

At Monday's Lincoln City Council meeting, dozens of concerned citizens said much of it starts at home. They asked council members to propose an ordinance requiring gun owners to keep their firearms in safe storage at home.

They said it would help prevent teen suicides and kids from bringing guns to school.

"It's a preventative public health measure the way that childproof caps on medicine is, having a fence around your swimming pool is," Amanda Gailey said.  "It's about preventing tragedy before it occurs."

Doug Atkin said his grandson Matthew found a loaded handgun while he and his parents were visiting a friend's home.

"Being a nearly 3–year–old boy, he picked it up and looked at it," Atkin said.  "Matt didn't see his third birthday the next day."

Some oppose the idea, saying it'll just be another law that criminals will not obey.

"There is not one law written that is going to affect a criminal," said Byron Millison of Lincoln.  "All this is going to do is put extra regulation — onerous regulations — on us the citizens."

Others said locking guns up will make it more difficult for people to protect themselves.

"Think of how many women who need protection but still want to be a good citizen of the city will be impacted," Amy Wimer said.  "The weapons will not be readily accessible."

The city council has heard proposals on such an ordinance for months.  No word on if any council members will propose one.