At the Cathedral of the Risen Christ, the kids have finally finished their big reading competition. The students from Kindergarten to 8th grade have read for 350,000 minutes in the last month.

"The kids have come up in the hallway saying 'Ms. Trummer I'm reading this book now,' and they would say 'I just read this many pages'," said development director, Erin Trummer.

Throughout the competition, the students and the teachers at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ posted pictures of themselves reading and recorded all of their reading minutes.

The classroom which reads the most gets a secret surprise, and for the administrators just getting kids to read in the future is the real win for them.

"It's been really cool to see the lukewarm readers, or the kids who didn't read as much fall in love with book, and what started as we are going to win the competition has now turned into, I love reading and we plan on to see them reading long after this competition is over,” said Principal Jeremy Ekler.

This is just the second year of them doing this competition, the school plans on doing this every year.