On Sunday morning more than 6,000 runners took to the streets of Lincoln for the 5th annual Good Life Halfsy half marathon.

"So this is just a ton fun it isn't about the hard core competition or anything like that it's just a great day. I view it as a celebration of Lincoln and the growth and everything else so it sound corny but I get the warm fuzzies off of today,” said Bulu CEO, Paul Jerrett

In five years the Good Life Halfsy has grown significantly, and organizers believe that because of the more than 6,000 runners and 20,000 spectators it brings around $2.5 million into the city of Lincoln.

"Well you know for the first time this year we hit all 50 states of runner including Canada as well. So 50 states and two countries, so we're drawing from all over the nation and really all over North America to come here and run this even in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's pretty awesome,” said Director of Operations Zach Harsin.

But for these organizers getting more runners involved in the Good Life Halfsy is what they put in all of this work for.

"Today is like a great race to plan for, to you kind of get off the couch and actually think ahead and get ready to run and today it's like the type of race where the community kind of wraps their arms around you,” says Jerrett.