Half a dozen lifelike images capture some of the greatest moments in Husker football history.

Tom Osborne and the 1997 championship team, Scott Frost leading the team onto the field for the first time, and even tributes to late players.

For artist Ashley Spitsnogle creating Husker paintings is only natural.

"I'm a Husker fan all around with all the sports, but for me football was kind of what I grew up with. My father would go down to the sidelines during a game and yell and be horse for a week," Spitsnogle said.

Spitsnogle started creating husker themed art a little over a year ago when she gifted a painting of memorial stadium to her brother.

That sparked a series of Husker paintings, eventually leading her to getting licensed with the university allowing her to sell her work.

The university has several of her pieces featured throughout memorial stadium and she's done live paintings at events for Tom Osborne's charity Teammates.

For this lifelong Husker fan every aspect of her creative process is fueled by her love for the team.

"Coming up with different ideas, painting at different events, and just kind of creating special memories for my art that's representing the huskers."

More than beautiful art, for Spitsnogle it's about capturing the feelings in those moments to create lasting memories for fans.

"People have actually gotten kind of emotional over some of them which is what art is supposed to do."

Spitsnogle has all her Husker paintings on display in her studio in Elkhorn, NE.

She's also got paintings on display at several stores in Lincoln including Venue Restaurant & Lounge, Husker Headquarters,