A group of local public leaders met with Lincoln community members on Saturday to discuss a hot topic, affordable housing.

"Housing costs have gone up, but wages have not kept in line with that so the costs are getting out of sync with what is best for the residents in our community," Said City Councilman Bennie Shobe.

The event was hosted by a local group, Collective Impact Lincoln, and it was held at Huntington Elementary school near North 48th and Adams street.

Community members were able to ask questions and brainstorm action steps to be taken in order to establish an affordable housing plan within Lincoln.

"Why can't we have affordable housing, and I mean for people who are on minimum wage, out in south Lincoln, in west Lincoln, in east Lincoln, why can't we have a mix," said Mary Lou, one of the forum participants.

Lincoln city council members Bennie Shobe, Leirion Gaylor Baird and Cyndi Lamm were in attendance.

It was a great opportunity for community members to let their voice be heard and to connect with those in positions of power.