An online test provided by Bryan Health offers people a mental health screening they're able to do in the comfort of their own home.

"So the idea behind the screening is we want folks to be able to be screened so that they can detect that mental illness and then reach out for treatment because treatment is effective,” Dr. Dave Miers Manager Mental Health Services at Bryan Health said.

In the United States, one in four Americans have some sort of mental illness, but only one in every three of those actually seek the proper help.

Dr. Miers says that for those who are suffering from depression or mental health, these winter months can be a struggle because people begin to isolate themselves from their friends and family because of the cold and the snow.

So the hope of this online screening is that it can provide an avenue for those who need help to be properly treated.

"Mental illness can impact anybody and so that's the whole idea behind this screening is to make it non-threatening to make it available if somebody's home they can just go online take it it's very quick and get some answers to help get connected to resources,” Dr. Dave Miers Manager Mental Health Services said.

If you go to, you can participate in the online screening or you can call (402) 481-5991 for the 24-7 mental health emergency department.