Students at North American Martyrs were in for a surprise on Wednesday. Some of the Nebraska football players came out to visit.

"It was really cool, I mean last year we got to go to the stadium and now we get to meet the players so that's really cool," said David Hatt, a student at North American Martyrs.

The rooms were filled with raised hands as students were eager to ask and answer as many questions as they could. The players talked a lot about leadership and respect.

"What I remember most is respect, how we should have respect for our classmates and for our teachers and our parents and how they teach us and how they know us more and we just have a great friendship here at Martyrs," said Mattie Kucera, a student at North American Martyrs.

Students had the opportunity to take pictures with the players and get autographs. The teachers said it was a very exciting time for the kids.

"They really do look up to the football players, they really are those kids role models, we have a lot of people who play sports here so to have these athletes come and talk to the kids," said Kathryn Kopetzky, a teacher at North American Martyrs.

The gym was packed with students playing Husker trivia and the 8th graders ended up beating the Huskers players.

"My favorite part was the trivia game, that was really fun," said Hatt.

"I thought it was funny when the players got it wrong because they should know this stuff," said Kucera.

Many of the students we talked to said they learned a lot from the Huskers players and hope they come back next year.

"It's always good for kids to hear those messages but I think hearing that from Nebraska football players is more impactful," said Kopetzky.