Angel Wylie wrote in to Union Bank about her family's recent hardships. She said her parents are two of the most caring people and they've done all they can, so she was hoping Union Bank could help with the holiday season. 

Angel Wylie said, "I just wrote about how we've stayed strong together as a family and that this would really help us and anything we could have, and I just wrote about what was really happening... the truth."

In 2016 Angel's father suffered from a heart attack and had to cut back on hours at work. Angel's sister then encountered ear problems that led to multiple hospital visits. This is when the medical bills started to rack up.

The family of six resorted to living in a hotel room for ten months. 

After Angel wrote to Union Bank, the bank got in contact with Kabredlo's Property to help them find a place for the Wylies to live.

Messiah Lutheran in Lincoln also stopped by with furniture people donated.

Extreme P.C in Lincoln also gave them a new computer.

The family was so excited about their new home, furniture, and of course, presents.