With lights and sirens blaring Beatrice Police pulled into the YMCA near 19th and Scott Streets Wednesday morning.

Officers along with a police captain were there to drop off toys collected during their stuff the cruiser event on black Friday.

The police department collected hundreds of toys, all of which will be given to kids in the local community for Christmas.

Beatrice Police officer Derrick Hosick is one of the people who heads up the toy collection and says it's their way to make a difference.

"I love seeing I'm impacting somebody. That's a lot of the reason a lot of us become police officers cause we want to impact our community and do better and this is the perfect way to do that," officer Derrick Hosick said.

Police officers and YMCA employees made several trips to empty out the police mobile command unit bus, which was stuffed to the brim with toys.

This is the third year the YMCA has partnered with the police department and the event has grown to serve more families every year.

Over 250 kids from Beatrice and the surrounding area will receive presents during the clubs annual Christmas party, which they're holding next Thursday.

Rachael Bauman, the clubs health and wellness director, said watching the kids open their gifts would make you think they won the lottery.

"There's so many excited squeals of joy, jumping up and down, and they can't believe this is just for them" Bauman said. 

While there's a lot of work to be done before next week, the YMCA says serving the community is a privilege and the opportunity to give back is the greatest gift anyone can give.

"We are all so lucky to have the things we need and if you have an opportunity to give back to someone else and take your kids with you and teach them what it's like to give back because it's one of the best gifts you could give," Bauman said.