Rural Health Development is trying to educate Nebraskans on Medicaid cuts that are hurting nursing homes. 

"You're sort of stuck with the Medicaid rate you get, and then to try and make it work, otherwise, you either have to increase your private pay rates, so you're charging them more than what they should be paying, or the communities are having to kick in money to keep homes alive," Matt Ross, Vice President of Rural Health Development, said.

Ross said a lot of rural communities have a high percentage of Medicaid residents. He said those residents have exhausted their resources, often from being in a nursing home. 

"The lack of Medicaid funding has caused them to eat through some of their reserves. They might have been able to put some money away, but it's not that hard to go through that money when we're seeing the low Medicaid rates that we are," Ross said. 

Rural Health Development is holding a conference at the Lancaster Event Center on Dec. 19, about the nursing home crisis. 

If you are unable to attend, you can watch it live on YouTube.