Lincoln Police said that several Lincoln businesses and schools received an email Thursday that contained a bomb threat. 

Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said at least nine threats were made in Lincoln and none of them have been deemed credible. 

The threats are part of what appears to be an international hoax, Bliemeister said. 

The origin of the email is unknown, but Bliemeister said it likely did not come from someone locally. 

The email claims there is a bomb in the building where the person who received it works, and that it would be detonated unless the recipient transferred the sender 20,000 bitcoins, a digital currency. 

St. Peter's Catholic School and Sacred Heart Catholic School were among the locations that received the email. 

There did not appear to be a connection between any of the places that received the threat, police said. 

While none of the threats have been deemed credible, and no devices have been found, LPD is asking anyone who received the email to contact them so that it can be investigated. 

The Nebraska State Patrol also investigated similar threats received in communities across Nebraska. 

The Nebraska Information Analysis Center (NIAC), led by NSP, has been in contact with the FBI as well as law enforcement agencies in numerous other states since the first reports of bomb threats in the region.

NSP said no devices were found in relation to the threats, which were received in Omaha, McCook, Peru, Fremont, Falls City, and Dewitt.

NSP and NIAC are working with federal authorities to determine the origin of the threats.