Posted By: Alden German

Christmas is a busy and exciting time of year, and while many children anxiously away to see what Santa brings them, some of our senior citizens are waiting to see too.  

Friday, donated gifts for seniors were picked up to be delivered just in time for the big day.

"People don't necessarily think about seniors when they're thinking of Christmas and there are a lot of seniors who wouldn't have Christmas otherwise," Monica Kuhns, director of Lincoln’s Home Instead Senior Care, said.

For nearly 15 years, Home Instead Senior Care has asked citizens to 'Be a Santa for a Senior.'

A national program, 'Be a Santa for a Senior' works with local non–profits and community organizations to collect gifts for elders who normally wouldn’t have any.

This year, 1,200 gift requests have been filled for elderly Lincoln–area residents.

"We had a volunteer deliver some gifts yesterday to a facility and they were met by one of the residents and she got tears in her eyes and said 'if it wasn't for this program I wouldn't have a Christmas," Kuhns said.

The elders that receive these gifts no longer have a family or don't have the finances to afford gifts on their own.

Volunteers gathered the wishes of the seniors and put their requests on Christmas trees around the city and wait for the gifts to come in. They're often items for the home, like blankets, pillows, and towels; but they're also as simple as a can of cola and some candy.

For volunteers helping to deliver these gifts; it's an opportunity to give back to those who helped many themselves.

"It's Christmastime. Some of these people, it's the only gift they're going to get for the year," Jim Buckwalter, a driver for Tabitha, said.

That is exactly why they want to be sure every person has a Christmas to remember.