With the holiday season here a big fear for many is getting their packages and presents stolen.

According to a recent Lincoln Police study found that in the first two weeks of December in 2017 there were a reported 138 package thefts.

So this year in an effort to prevent packages from getting stolen people can now store packages in different locations around Lincoln, including Amazon lockers which can be found at some Whole Foods Markets.

“People love it they are really pleased with how safe it is we've definitely had people talk about how they have and packages stolen in the past and now they can get the packages here it totally eliminates any problem,” Nikki Smith a worker at Whole Food said.

So far this December in Lincoln, there have only been 24 reported package thefts, which Lincoln Police attribute to greater public awareness and package holding stations.

Some other ways to help keep your packages safe are tracking them to know when they'll arrive, and having security cameras at your house.