Step inside Kafe Kindness at Beatrice High School and you'll get much more than just a cup of coffee.

The shop, which opened its doors for the first time Wednesday morning, is serving up a variety of brews, all with a dose of kindness.

A group called Circle of Friends is running the shop.

It's a student organization that pairs special education kids with others students at the school to build relationships with classmates they wouldn't normally talk to.

The group started just four months ago.

"In the months that we've had it you see interaction in the halls they give each other fives, they talk to each other," Emily Iverson, a teacher at Beatrice High School, said.

Over 30 high school students from all grade levels participate in the group and about half have special needs.

Kafe Kindness is teaching kids life skills while funding the groups activities.

"It was kind of chaotic, especially for the first day, we weren't really ready for it, but I think we handled it pretty well," sophomore Abby Timmerman said.

In between serving their customers, Kafe Kindness is changing students lives.

"The smiles that you get from them just warm your heart," Timmerman said. 

And just like the schools motto, one school, one family, it's uniting students one pot at a time.