Everyone faces tough situations.

But some Lincoln families, like Polly and her son Garrett Stipke, seem to face it all.

"We've had a rough few years,” Garrett said.

Polly lost her job due to chronic health problems.

Then they got evicted.

"So being homeless for four months, back and forth to different places," he said.

Then their car broke down.

Polly said they didn’t have the money to fix it.

But through it all, Polly and Garrett have remained positive.

Garrett said it's just in their nature.

"It’s a motto we always live by, just because it's bad now doesn't mean it can't get better,” he said.

This Christmas, things got a lot better.

Garrett and Polly were chosen to receive a Magic Moment sponsored by Union Bank.

They each got gifts tailored to their hobbies.

Garrett's been a special olympian for years and was gifted more sports gear than he could have imagined.

Polly, who loves to bake, was given a kitchen aid mixer.

But the biggest gift of all is something that's going to make every day easier for Garrett and Polly.

"We've been taking the bus for over a year and walking everywhere we needed to go which can be a problem."

But it’s not a problem they’ll have anymore. Union Bank fixed their car with the help of always Towing, Dillon’s Auto, A Street Auto Parts and Tim’s Auto Services and Radiator Repair.

"These gifts help us exponentially,” Polly said. “They give us a little sigh of relief, a little weight off our shoulders and can allow us to have a little fun."

They were also given tickets to watch the Husker baseball and Men’s Basketball team.

Giftcards to have a night out and the movies, and things that will allow them to spend a little quality time with one another.

"We're mother and son, but we're friends,” Garrett said. “If something's wrong we'll always have each other, even in the hardest times we always have each other."

Polly said that’s what Christmas is all about.

"Christmas isn't about gifts,” Polly said. “It's about the giving and the thought and the love. That's Christmas."