On January 1st the center for Medicare and Medicaid services passed a federal regulation requiring hospitals to provide cost of services on their websites.

 People can get an idea of what their bill might look like the reasoning behind this is for anyone who is preparing to get any type of procedure done.

The cost estimate is just a standard price and the not exact price. It gives people more tools to be informed.

While this is a big step for a lot of hospitals to be more transparent some predict this step is just the beginning.

"This is just the first step in the process over the coming years, and I wouldn't be surprised if next year when the proposed rules comes out for the federal fiscal year of 2020 there's going to be new pieces to this that we are going to have to work to comply with,” Michael Feagler the Vice President of Finance for the Nebraska Hospital Association said.

At http://www.nhacarecompare.com/ the Nebraska Health Association provides a place for you to easily compare procedures from across the state.