We've talked about property taxes being a hot topic this legislative session, and now property valuations are in. 

On Thursday postcards were sent to each property owner in Lancaster county that will show their proposed value. Which, in most cases, will determine property taxes. 

"We value property for the use by government agencies to set the budgets, and their budgets divided by our value relates to the tax rate and how much money they receive. Our job is to make sure everybody is treated fairly," Rob Ogden, Lancaster County Assessor, said. 

One home owner not happy with the newly adjusted rates? Andy Ringsmuth, a homeowner in Lancaster county. He feels something isn't adding up. 

"I think whatever process they're using; I think it needs to be adjusted to be more in line with the market. I just don't see how the market in general supports that kind of an increase," Andy Ringsmuth said. 

Ogden urges people to make an appointment with the county assessor if you're unsure of your property valuation. 

The postcards from the county assessor should be in your mail soon. They will have a link to their website and phone number to make an appointment. 

Ogden said the appointment typically lasts about fifteen minutes.