Another busy day at the Nebraska State Capitol Building.

A new bill was introduced on Friday. It hopes to give women more information before they go through with an abortion.

Senator Joni Albrecht was joined by supporters of her new bill, one that she is calling, "pro-woman, pro-information and pro-life."

"LB 209 is for the women who begin the medication abortion process and later change their minds," said Albrecht.

The piece of legislation, if passed, will be geared toward women who are having second thoughts after taking a medical pill, commonly known as the abortion pill, to terminate a pregnancy.

A 2017 DHHS study showed that 55% of abortions are completed this way in Nebraska.

"Abortion pill reversal does not save every pregnancy, but it allows a woman to do everything she can to reverse a decision that she deeply regrets," said Teresa Kenny, a Nurse Practitioner in Omaha.

Rebekah Hagan changed her mind about abortion five years ago, she is incredibly grateful for her second chance at life. Her son Zechariah, recently celebrated his fifth birthday.

"He is everything he was never supposed to be and every day I wake up so grateful for my second chance at choice and that is exactly what this bill provides for women," said Hagan.

The bill would force abortion providers to give additional information to the women in order to make sure they are making the most informed decision possible.

"Abortion pill reversal is great news for a woman caught in a situation where she changes her mind about abortion and wants to carry her baby," said Kenny.

21 senators have co-signed the bill already. Senator Albrecht hopes to get it passed during the 2019 legislative session.

"I introduced this bill because I believe every woman deserves to be given all of the information she needs to make a truly informed decision, including how to find out if she changes her mind about the medication abortion," said Albrecht.

If you or someone you know is going through a similar situation, you can go to for an additional resource.